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Testimonials: Testimonials

I've been training with Kaylee for a little over a month now, and she has been an exceptional trainer that I would highly recommend. She is very knowledgeable, responsible, professional, thoughtful, and personable. A++ thanks for all your help Kaylee!

Dan M.

Kaylee is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated coach. Her attention to detail and excellent communication has accelerated my results far beyond what I've been trying to achieve alone for years. I've worked with Kaylee in person and virtually and she is fantastic at both. I would highly recommend working with her to my friends and colleagues.

Aaron P.

I've been training three times a week (virtually as we are in Covid) with Kaylee since January 2021. The training has been fantastic and I have found Kaylee to be a great trainer & coach. She has prepared a customized program for me based on my progress. Given the sweat and the bigger weights & more complex exercises (even the dead bugs), I know that I am progressing. Highly recommend Kaylee.

Gabe S.

I have had the pleasure of having Kaylee coach me for several months now. I am so thrilled to have finally found a coach that understands my needs! Kaylee assessed me and took into account my goals and customized a program to help me work toward my goals. She is also a very supportive and understanding coach and is quick to make accommodations when needed. Love working with Kaylee and hope to be able to do some in person sessions with her in the coming months!

Lola R.

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